Unidentified Woman Tries to Flee Country After Sending Poison Letter to Trump

SUSPECT: Unidentified

CHARGES: Attempted assassination of an elected government official

DATE OF ARREST: September 20

THE DETAILS: Over the weekend, FBI officials surprised the nation when they explained that they’d intercepted a suspicious letter directed to the President of the United States. Authorities confirmed that the letter was received at a U.S. government mail facility, and it was sent to the White House. The letter was sent to an offsite facility where it was screened. There, experts discovered the presence of ricin in the mail. Ricin is highly toxic, and the substance has been used in terrorist attacks in the past. Officials say that ingesting the toxin can lead to death by the collapse of the circulatory system, internal bleeding, and liver failure. The FBI worked closely with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to identify a suspect, who was caught attempting to flee to Canada on Sunday. Due to the severity of the charges levied against the suspect, authorities haven’t yet identified the culprit.


NYPD Officer Arrested and Accused of Spying for Chinese

SUSPECT: Baimadajie Angwang

CHARGES: Acting as an illegal agent for China

DATE OF ARREST: September 21

THE DETAILS: According to authorities, an officer with the NYPD has been accused of illegally spying for the Chinese government. The suspect, Baimadajie Angwang, was born in Tibet but currently lives in Long Island. On top of being a police officer, the suspect also serves in the US Army Reserve. His rank prior to these charges was staff sergeant, and he does hold a “Secret” level clearance. Authorities now believe that the suspect has been working closely with the Chinese consulate since at least 2014. He was reportedly attempting to scout out and identify potential threats to the People’s Republic of China who resided in New York. Then, he’d report the information back to Chinese officials. By 2019, the suspect was entrenched. He started to conspire and plan out an effort to defraud the US Department of Defense to obtain money and property. He allegedly wired over $150,000 from a US bank to several PRC bank accounts.


Cowboy Arrested for Riding Horse on Busy Expressway

SUSPECT: Adam Hollingsworth

CHARGES: Reckless conduct, criminal trespass, disobeying a police officer

DATE OF ARREST: September 21

THE DETAILS: Motorists driving along the Dan Ryan Expressway on Monday were shocked to see a modern-day cowboy trotting along the road via horse. The man was accompanied by a trail of motorcyclists and eventually police officers, too. The whole stunt was captured and recorded onto a Facebook Live feed. According to the suspect, Adam Hollingsworth, his actions were a publicity stunt to bring attention to the fact that “kids' lives matter.” According to officials, the suspect attempted to meet with Chicago Police a few days prior to request a permit for protesting on the Dan Ryan Expressway. Officials denied his requests and told him that it was both illegal and dangerous to protest on the expressway. Despite that, Hollingsworth decided to go along with his plan anyway. In the end, the suspect was taken to jail, and the horse was found to have injuries on two hoofs. The horse also reportedly had sores on its body from the saddle.


4 Arrested in Iowa After Man’s Body Found Burning in Ditch

SUSPECTS: Steven Vogel, Julia Cox, Roy Lee Garner, and Cody Johnson

CHARGES: First-degree murder, abuse of a corpse, destroying evidence

DATE OF ARREST: September 22

THE DETAILS: On September 16, authorities were horrified to discover a man’s body burning on fire inside of a ditch. Both Kellogg volunteer firefighters and Jasper County Police Officers responded to the situation. Before long, they’d ruled the victim’s death a homicide. They didn’t stop there, though. Authorities worked hard to determine what happened to Michael Williams. On Tuesday, authorities announced the arrest of four different suspects who all allegedly played a role in the victim’s abuse. Police believe the victim was strangled in his hometown before the suspects wrapped his body in cloth and plastic. The body was left in the basement for several days. Then, they drove out to Kellogg where they dumped the victim’s body into the ditch and set it ablaze. Williams identified as black, while all the suspects are white. Despite that, authorities are pushing the narrative that there’s no evidence to prove the attack was racially motivated. It remains unclear what motivated the attack and why none of the accomplices came forward about the victim after his death. Police will continue to investigate the situation.