School Resource Officer Under Investigation After 6-Year-Old’s Arrest Goes Viral

SUSPECT: Kaia Rolle, 6-Years-old

CHARGES: Misdemeanor assault

THE DETAILS: A school resource officer, Dennis Turner, is under investigation after reports emerged that he arrested and handcuffed a six-year-old child. According to police, Turner learned that the child had kicked a teacher at school. He veered far away from standard procedure and decided to apprehend the youngster and transport her to a juvenile facility. The child has been formally charged with a misdemeanor, but her parents and the community are in shock. Police later confirmed that the arrest was conducted in violation of standard procedure because minors under 12 can’t be arrested without a supervisor’s permission. The school resource officer didn’t follow this protocol.


CEO Implicated in $70 Million Bank Scheme

SUSPECT: Michael Mann


DATE OF ARREST: September 23

THE DETAILS: Michael Mann, the CEO of a payroll company based in New York, has been taken into police custody after officials learned he was responsible for massive bank fraud. According to police, the suspect took out millions of dollars in loans and lines of credit. Some of the funds were allocated to legitimate businesses, but much of the money was illegally diverted into fake companies. Authorities believe over 1,000 companies have been impacted by the CEO’s arrest and they haven’t gotten the funds to cover payments. The FBI has created a website dedicated to helping the victims.


US Soldier Arrested After Making Concerning Bomb Threats

SUSPECT: Jarrett William Smith

CHARGES: Distribution of information regarding weapons of mass destruction

DATE OF ARREST: September 21

THE DETAILS: Details emerged on Monday about the arrest of a US soldier who reportedly had plans to bomb CNN’s headquarters. The suspect, who is employed by the US Army, was caught after revealing some of his plot to an undercover FBI agent. Sources say that soldier Smith wanted to teach ordinary citizens how to make effective bombs and carry out a few successful attacks himself. He told the informant that his targets included CNN and presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke. His devious plot included using a vehicle bomb at the news network. According to officials, Smith became radicalized around 2016 before joining the military.


Police in Shock After Receiving Call About 2-Year-Old on Roof

SUSPECTS: David Hustek and Sarah Barker

CHARGES: Reckless endangerment, Risk of injury to a minor

DATE OF ARREST: September 25

THE DETAILS: Police in Connecticut were disturbed when they received reports of a two-year-old baby playing around on a dangerous rooftop. Authorities rushed out to the residence where they found the toddler wandering about the roof. One officer distracted the child while another forced his way into the home to get access to the roof. They rescued the baby and then turned their attention onto the two adults present inside the home. Both claimed to be sleeping when the incident occurred. They were both arrested on the spot, but authorities were also concerned about the state of the home. They described the living conditions as “deplorable.” Upon further inspection, the house was condemned by city officials.


Delta Airlines Employee Caught on Tape Stealing Over $250,000

SUSPECT: Quincy Thorp


DATE OF ARREST: September 26

THE DETAILS: An armored vehicle, allegedly belonging to the FBI, transported eight duffle bags full of cash to JFK international airport. The FBI expected all the bags to be transported by air to Miami, but one of the bags never showed up. FBI agents confirmed that the bag had well over $250,000 in cash. Immediately, officials began reviewing video footage and they saw the missing bag being placed onto a different vehicle rather than aboard the flight like the other seven bags. After further investigating, officers suspect a Delta Airlines employee, Quincy Thorp, took the bag. He has been arrested, but he claims to be innocent. The money has not yet been recovered.


4-Year-Old’s Suspicious Death Results in Arrests and Investigations into Child Services in CA

SUSPECTS: Jose and Ursula Juarez

CHARGES: Suspicion of murder

DATE OF ARREST: September 26

THE DETAILS: Investigators, family members and the community have plenty of questions after a 4-year-old perished suspiciously under the care of allegedly abusive parents. According to police, the child was discovered at the bottom of a family pool on July 5th. An autopsy unveiled curious injuries that were inconsistent with a drowning death. Instead, the injuries appeared to potentially expose an abusive past. A coroner ultimately ruled the death a homicide. Investigators arrested the boy’s parents and then searched their home for evidence. The child’s great grandmother has hired an attorney who made a statement about the arrest. The attorney indicated that the Children and Family Services has “blood on its hands” because they failed to take the child away from the parents after a court order was issued one month before the death.