Sheriff Arrested After Tampering with Evidence in Death of Javier Ambler

SUSPECT: Robert Chody

CHARGES: Tampering with evidence

DATE OF ARREST: September 28

THE DETAILS: According to officials, former Williamson County sheriff Robert Chody was involved in an incident involving a suspect who later died after his arrest. The suspect, Javier Ambler, was killed back in March of 2019. At the time, he was accused of failing to dim his headlights for traffic. When sheriff Chody attempted to pull over the suspect, he took off. Once the officer got the suspect to stop, the suspect reportedly told him about a congenital heart defect. Despite that, officer Chody still decided to tase the suspect four times. The whole ordeal was captured on video because camera crews with “Live P.D.” were present. After the situation, the suspect passed away. Investigations into his death have been ongoing ever since. Now, authorities have finally arrested Robert Chody and charged him with tampering with evidence related to the situation. It’s believed that he attempted to destroy video evidence and body camera footage that would suggest he acted out of line during the arrest.


Man in Atlanta Accused of Stabbing and Attacking Several Commuters

SUSPECT: Ahmad Jameel Rasheed

CHARGES: Assault

DATE OF ARREST: September 29

THE DETAILS: In the early morning hours on Tuesday, police were called out to respond to a stabbing in Atlanta. Once they arrived, they discovered a 60-year-old victim in critical condition. The victim was transported to the hospital. While investigating, the police realized the MARTA Police were also searching for a similar suspect who had attacked several commuters on the train the previous day. The two authorities compared descriptions of the attacker, and they came to the conclusion that they were after the same man. Later that day, the suspect was identified and taken into custody. The Homicide Unit is currently investigating the situation, and additional charges against the suspect are likely forthcoming.


Self-Proclaimed Proud Boy Arrested in Portland

SUSPECT: Alan Swinney

CHARGES: Multiple assault charges, unlawful use of a weapon, menacing, unlawful use of teargas

DATE OF ARREST: September 30

THE DETAILS: Protests in Portland have devolved into riots, and now, dozens of people are getting arrested for participating. On Wednesday, Alan Swinney was taken into police custody and slapped with multiple felony charges. According to authorities, the self-proclaimed Proud Boy committed a string of crimes over two days while in Portland. Initially, the suspect was reportedly threatening and using a paintball gun against other demonstrators. Later on, he started using a real firearm to intimidate people. Based on the charges levied against Swinney, it seems like he also used tear gas at some point, too. This controversial arrest happened just mere hours after President Donald Trump was asked during the live debates to denounce the Proud Boys organization.


Chaos in Portland: 24 Arrested After Protestors Douse Officers in Chemicals

SUSPECTS: At least 24 demonstrators

CHARGES: Assault on a police officer, unlawful assembly

DATE OF ARREST: September 28

THE DETAILS: If you’re not aware of the ongoing protests and demonstrations throughout the nation, then you haven’t been paying attention. According to officials, rioters, protestors, and demonstrators have been terrorizing the city of Portland for over 120 days! While the majority of these protests have gone off without incident, things took a turn for the worst on late Monday evening and continuing into Tuesday. Demonstrators were unlawfully assembling in a Kenton Neighborhood when they decided to take their march to the Portland Police Association headquarters. Nearby officers attempted to de-escalate and control the situation, but things became dangerous when some of the rioters pulled out chemical irritants. At least five officers were sprayed by the unknown substance, and one police Sergeant was punched in the face. The officer was sent to the hospital. Due to the out of control situation, Portland police arrested at least 24 protesters.


2 Arrested at Miami Airport After Shoe Dispute

SUSPECTS: Brittney Mohammadi and Manuel Arteaga

CHARGES: Disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and battery on a police officer, disorderly intoxication

DATE OF ARREST: September 27

THE DETAILS: According to authorities, a couple from California were arrested in the Miami airport over the weekend after a dispute over shoes. Officials say that Brittney attempted to go through airport security and board her flight without wearing any shoes. By the time she reached the gate, an agent stopped her. He said she couldn’t get on the flight unless she put on proper footwear. Footage shows that Brittney decided to jump the counter and assault the agent. That’s when Manuel pulled his girlfriend back and brought her outside to de-escalate the situation. Shortly later, police arrived, and the couple admitted to having a few drinks prior to coming to the airport. Both were arrested for their behavior.