Texas Shooting Leaves 4 Dead, Suspect Arrested

SUSPECT: Lively James Sutton

CHARGES: Suspicion of murder

DATE OF ARREST: September 29

THE DETAILS: A police officer was patrolling a neighborhood in Texas on Sunday when he suddenly heard multiple gunshots. He rushed to find the source of the noise, and that’s when he found four victims suffering gunshot wounds in an apartment. Two of the victims were pronounced dead, while the other two were transported to a hospital. They were later pronounced deceased as well. Investigators promptly named and arrested the suspect they believe is responsible for the crime, but there’s been no discussion about what prompted the shooting.


Suspect Attempts to Charge Football Fan $700 for Beer

SUSPECT: Nathaniel Collier

CHARGES: Grand theft and possession of a skimming device

DATE OF ARREST: September 29

THE DETAILS: One Miami Dolphins fan was really disappointed over the weekend and not just because of the team’s performance. According to the fan, he was charged nearly $730 after ordering two beers from a patron at the game. The fan explained how the vendor charged for the beers but then apparently skimmed the credit card on the side. Later on, he realized a separate $700 charge to his card, which he immediately disputed. Luckily, the scammer was apprehended and he was still in possession of his card reader when police tracked him down.


Florida Man Arrested After Cutting Brake Lines on Hundreds of Electric Scooters

SUSPECT: Randall Williams

CHARGES: Criminal mischief, loitering, resisting arrest, prowling

DATE OF ARREST: September 29

THE DETAILS: Over the past several months, police in Fort Lauderdale have gotten reports about vandalized electrical scooters. Last week, they finally captured the perpetrator on film, but they couldn’t initially identify the culprit. They posted the video online and asked for the public’s help. Over the weekend, police covertly surveilled the suspect. That’s when they witnessed him in the act. In two days, he hit 16 different scooters. On Sunday, the police apprehended him. Authorities estimate each scooter will cost about $70 to repair, but they estimate that around 140 scooters were vandalized since April.


Police Catch Destructive Neighbor After Two-Year Investigation

SUSPECT: Bret Wilson

CHARGES: Disorderly conduct


THE DETAILS: Oregon city officials were initially baffled when they received dozens of complaints about unsafe roads. Countless citizens called in to complain about sustaining tire damage from nails on the road. At first, officials couldn’t determine where the nails were coming from, so the police got involved. According to authorities, an officer was patrolling the streets at around 5:30 AM on Tuesday. That’s when he witnessed the suspect intentionally scattering roofing nails all over the street. He was arrested on the spot, and he’s also getting chargeed with at least 50 other nail incidents.


Parents Attempt to Trade Toddler for Car: Three Arrested

SUSPECTS: Alice Todd, Tina Chavis, Vicencio Romero

CHARGES: Unlawful sale, surrender, or purchase of a minor


THE DETAILS: In July, three-year-old child was brought to the hospital where staff immediately recognized several bruises. Concerned over the situation, staff alerted police and CPS became involved. It was soon discovered that the woman who brought the child to the hospital wasn’t even the child’s mother, and she couldn’t explain to police why she was in custody of the youngster. After an extended investigation, cops were horrified to learn that the woman and her husband had accepted the child when he was two-years-old in a trade deal. In exchange, they gave the child’s biological mother a vehicle. All three parties were apprehended.


Woman Obsessed with Columbine Arrested in Possession of 24 Pipe Bombs

SUSPECT: Michelle Kolts

CHARGES: 24 counts of making a destructive weapon with the intent to harm


THE DETAILS: The parents of one Florida woman knew about their daughter’s obsession with the Columbine shooting and other terror attacks, but they became increasingly concerned over the past year as her obsession began consuming her. Her parents realized she had made online purchases for bomb-making materials, but their daughter denied it. They asked authorities to check on their daughter, who lives with them. Police were disturbed when they discovered a horde of weapons, fuses, pipe bombs, and tons of propaganda in the 27-year-old’s room. They immediately took her into custody.