Florida Man Attempts to Evade Police, Drowns

SUSPECT: Donnie Brownlow Jr.

CHARGES: Domestic battery

DATE OF ARREST: September 6

THE DETAILS: According to authorities in Florida, a domestic violence suspect was fatally injured on Sunday night when he tried to evade arrest. The police initially got involved in the situation when they were called to a residence about a domestic disturbance. Once they arrived, the briefly investigated before putting Donnie Brownlow Jr. into custody. Authorities decided to place the suspect into a transport van that was headed to the local jail. As they brought the handcuffed man towards the van, he suddenly broke free from the officer and ran off. Then, he suddenly jumped into Boca Ciega Bay. Authorities promptly called the fire department and paramedics to respond. By the time assistance arrived, the suspect had drowned. It seems that he wasn’t able to swim in the handcuffs.


Stand Your Ground? Not So Fast, Florida Man Arrested for Shooting 19-Year-Old

SUSPECT: Bryan Medeiros

CHARGES: Manslaughter, carrying a concealed firearm

DATE OF ARREST: September 6

THE DETAILS: On Sunday morning, police were called out to an apartment complex in Davenport, Florida. When they arrived, they discovered the body of a 19-year-old near the staircase. The victim was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Upon further investigation, authorities discovered that one of the residents at the apartment, Bryan Medeiros, had shot the victim. The suspect cited Florida’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” law in defense of his actions. Floridian authorities confirmed that the Stand Your Ground law wouldn’t apply in this situation. Officials say the 19-year-old reportedly took drugs earlier in the day at a nearby hotel. At the apartment, he allegedly did use his fingers in the shape of a gun and say “pow, pow” to the suspect and try to touch his shoulder. After that, the suspect says the victim laid down on the ground and was behaving erratically. That’s why the suspect went to his vehicle and retrieved his firearm. He later told police that he shot the victim, which appeared to do nothing. The victim started to walk away, but the suspect fired off several more shots into the victim’s back. The suspect has been arrested for manslaughter.


Grouchy Grandma Caught on Film Throwing Preschooler

SUSPECT: Brenda Turner

CHARGES: Assault on a minor

DATE OF ARREST: September 8

THE DETAILS: The Greenville Police Department started receiving calls about an alarming online video, so authorities decided to investigate further. When police officers reviewed the footage, they could see an adult woman tossing a small child to the ground. Disturbed, officers started to look further into the video and attempted to identify the woman. By Tuesday, authorities identified the woman as Brenda Turner, a grandmother. The child was identified as a four-year-old toddler. Thankfully, the child wasn’t hurt in the incident, and he didn’t require any medical care. Despite that, the grouchy grandma was still taken into police custody and charged with assault on a minor.


17-Year-Old Student Arrested After Breaking Coronavirus School Restrictions

SUSPECT: Maverick Stow

CHARGES: Failure to comply with police orders

DATE OF ARREST: September 10

THE DETAILS: A 17-year-old student from New York was arrested on school grounds this week after repeatedly attempting to break the public school’s coronavirus restrictions. Police were called out to address the situation on Wednesday. According to officials, the student, Maverick Stow, showed up to the school Tuesday despite being scheduled for remote learning. The school confirmed that they’re currently using a staggered schedule, which means some students come in-person while others learn online. The school repeatedly told Stow that he couldn’t come for in-person classes on the days he wasn’t scheduled to, but he refused to comply. As a result of breaking the restrictions, Stow was suspended on Tuesday. Despite the suspension, Stow again showed up to the school on Wednesday. The school was forced to call the police to respond. Authorities told Stow to adhere to the suspension, yet he still tried to show up in-person again on Thursday. That’s when he was arrested and taken into custody.


Doctor Accused by Evelyn Yang Finally Arrested

SUSPECT: Robert A. Hadden

CHARGES: Inducing others to travel for the purpose of illegal sexual activity

DATE OF ARREST: September 9

THE DETAILS: Robert A. Hadden practiced as a gynecologist for years, but now authorities suspect he was abusing his position of authority to prey on various women. Hadden was taken into custody on Wednesday, and he’s facing six counts of illegal sexual activity. Back in January, presidential hopeful Andrew Yang shocked the nation when his wife came out with allegations against Hadden. She told the world that he’d abused her. Now, legal investigations have confirmed her statements. Police believe the suspect used medical examinations as an excuse to engage in sexual abuse. He then told his victims that the abuse was “medically necessary.”