5-Year-Old’s Mom Arrested After Kid Gets Lost During Overnight Bike Run

SUSPECT: Nichol Spencer

CHARGES: Acting in a manner to injure a minor

DATE OF ARREST: September 8

THE DETAILS: Has your child ever gone off bike riding without letting you know? One mother from Brooklyn is facing serious charges after her toddler took to the streets in the middle of the night. The five-year-old was thankfully discovered by police officers at around 10:30 P.M. The toddler in training wheels couldn’t relay his address to police. The following day, authorities posted information about the boy online in hopes of reuniting him with his family. Nearly 20 hours after he was found, his mother showed up at the station to report him as missing. She told the cops that she didn’t realize the youngster had gone out on his bike, and she thought he was with his father initially. Now, she’s been arrested and charged for her negligence.


Couple in Pennsylvania Arrested After Bank Error Puts $120,000 in Account

SUSPECTS: Robert and Tiffany Williams

CHARGES: Felony theft


THE DETAILS: What would you do if thousands of dollars suddenly appeared in your bank account? One couple from Pennsylvania is learning the hard way that you probably shouldn’t go ahead and spend that cash, especially if you know it isn’t yours. Robert and Tiffany Williams were shocked one morning when they realized $120,000 had been deposited into their account. They immediately began using the money to fund a down payment on a new car, a camper, and a car trailer. They also paid off a few bills and shared money with friends. Their dreams came crashing down a month later when the bank realized their error and withdrew the funds. That left the couple with an overwhelmingly negative account balance and no way of paying back the cash. The bank contacted the police and the couple has been arrested for theft.


Self-Proclaimed El Paso Shooting Hero Arrested

SUSPECT: Chris Grant

CHARGES: Outstanding arrest warrant, charges unclear

DATE OF ARREST: September 9

THE DETAILS: Chris Grant captured the hearts of many after he recounted his experience during the El Paso shooting. According to Grant, he saw the shooter approaching. In an act of bravery, he began throwing bottles and other objects at the gunman. As a result, he was shot twice. The man’s bravery was so well-received that he was invited to a White House event to receive an honor from President Trump himself. Despite his fame, police say they have found evidence that contradicts Grant’s tale of events. On Monday, secret service agents detained the man for an outstanding warrant when he attempted to show up and receive his award. More details are expected to be released in the coming days.


Massive Take-Down of Email Scammers Leads to Global Arrests

SUSPECTS: 74 suspects in US, 281 globally

CHARGES: Wire transfer fraud

DATE OF ARREST: September 10

THE DETAILS: International agencies cooperated together to pull off Operation reWired, which was a detailed plan to take down email scammers across the globe. The plan was very successful. Over 281 arrests were made, 74 of which were American citizens. Here’s how the scam worked: scammers sent victims checks and asked them to wire the overpay back to them. Once the victim complied, they’d later learn that the check had bounced. Victims would then be on the hook for all the cash.


Greenpeace Protestors Arrested

SUSPECTS: 11 Protestors in all

CHARGES: Obstructing a roadway, Obstructing a waterway

DATE OF ARREST: September 12

THE DETAILS: Just prior to the Democratic debates, multiple Greenpeace protestors decided to cause a stir by dangling themselves off of a bridge in the Houston Ship Channel. Their actions were anything but peaceful after a blocked roadway resulted in a car accident. The shipping lane was also temporarily shut down until firefighters removed the dangling protestors. The activists were hoping to draw attention to the fossil fuel industry, but it looks like the ended up only causing chaos instead.


Consequences of Storm Area 51: Two Arrested Already

SUSPECTS: Ties Granzier and Govert Sweep

CHARGES: Trespassing


THE DETAILS: The now infamous Storm Area 51 event is set to take place on September 20, but authorities are already making arrests. Two suspects, both self-proclaimed YouTubers, were caught within the military base’s perimeter. Deadly force, while authorized, wasn’t used in this situation. Instead, both were apprehended peacefully. Authorities also discovered cameras with confidential footage of the base inside the duo’s vehicle. Both men are from the Netherlands. Again, authorities are warning people against taking the Facebook event seriously.