Police were vexed when they continuously discovered strange graffiti over various different areas in Portland, but the suspect behind the “Mook” artwork has finally been identified and taken into police custody.

On June 29th, officers discovered graffiti on at least three different electronic signs. Officers could discern the artwork all stemmed from one person because they all said “Mook.” The signs were located on Interstate 84’s Northeast 42nd Avenue overpass, and the suspect damaged at least one fence to gain access to the area. According to Oregon’s Department of Transportation, repairing the damages and cleaning the graffiti cost a total of $24,910.

On September 6th, the suspect struck again. The word “Mook” was discovered on the U-Store Self Storage Facility near Interstate Avenue. The spray-painted word is believed to be the suspect’s signature tag. “Mook” was also discovered on a freeway sign on Interstate 5.

After three months of investigating, police finally identified “Mook” as 30-year-old Marcus E. Gunther. He was taken into custody at Southwest 13th Avenue and Southwest Main Street on September 13th. Gunther was promptly charged with first-degree criminal mischief and two counts of second-degree criminal mischief. Police also discovered the suspect was already on probation, so an additional charge of probation violation was added onto Gunther’s pending charges.

Police are asking any citizens who have been impacted by graffiti with the “Mook” tag to contact their department. Any information will help with the current investigation. Citizens should call 503-823-3333 to report any incidents.