Lisa Smith and Keiff King were both arrested for murdering four-year-old Tahjir Smith in Pennsylvania. Lisa Smith, the victim’s mother, confessed to police that her and her boyfriend may have taken their discipline too far.

According to the 19-year-old mother’s statement, her and her boyfriend were at home with the child. The child was eating a bowl of cereal and milk, but he accidentally spilled his meal all over the floor. The mother said that King was irate over the accident, and he insisted that the couple discipline the youngster.

The two instructed the four-year-old to get into a push-up position on the floor for a period of time. Next, they put the child on a bed and removed his clothing. The two repeatedly hit the child with a sandal. At this point, the mother believed the discipline was over, but she said King was not satisfied with the punishment.

She confessed that King punched the toddler in the back of his head with is bare fists. King then turned on the shower water. He made the water scalding hot before putting the child in the shower to intentionally burn him. The mother reported that the young child was going in and out of consciousness throughout the shower experienced. Horrified, she grabbed the four-year-old from King, began walking down the street to get away from the situation and called the police.

At 6:10 pm, first responders arrived on scene. They found the young boy unresponsive and limp. He was transported to Abington Memorial Hospital, but he was pronounced dead upon arrival. Autopsies revealed that the child’s death was specifically caused by the violent beating. Investigators noted the child also had old rib fractures that were never treated. Both suspects are being held without bail.