Golf Digest reports that Lucas Glover’s wife has been arrested for domestic violence after allegedly attacking him for playing a bad round of golf. Glover, who is on the PGA Tour, was allegedly attacked by Krista Glover during the Players Championship. Krista was arrested after the third round of the tournament and charged with domestic battery and resisting arrest.

Police were called to the home the Glovers were renting on Saturday night after a 911 call. The police report states that Krista berated Lucas for his poor playing. Lucas was tired of Krista calling him names and threatening him, but tried to keep police from arresting her, according to police reports.

Lucas and his mother had multiple lacerations. His 62-year-old mother said she was hit in the chest. Krista claimed her mother-in-law had attacked her, but she had no visible injuries.

Krista resisted arrest, refusing to enter the squad car by sitting on the ground and wrapping her legs around the car door. She then reportedly damaged the interior of the car by kicking the door. Then, during transportation to the jail, she was able to loosen her handcuffs and tried to flee. Threatening language was also used against the police.

Lucas told law enforcement that Krista was under the influence of alcohol, and started the fight with him in front of their kids.

Lucas won the 2009 U.S. Open and married Krista in 2012.

*Photo credit St. Johns County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office/AP