Two individuals have been injured and one arrested after an incident involving a motorcade outside of the White House. Initial reports suggest the motorcade was not transporting the President. Instead, the motorcade was transporting several Chinese delegates including the Vice Premier Liu He. The Secret Service intervened.

The incident occurred at the 17th St NW and F Street directly outside of the White House on January 30th. At around 12:55 P.M., a protester decided to jump directly in front of one of the vehicles traveling with the motorcade. A nearby Secret Service Officer immediately intervened and took down the suspect. The car was reportedly traveling too fast to stop in time, so it did make impact with both the Secret Service agent and the protester.

The scuffle continued, and police are suggesting that the protester assaulted the secret service agent before more agents responded. The agent was rushed to a local hospital for treatment, but police confirmed his wounds were not life-threatening.

The suspect, who has not yet been publicly identified, was taken into custody. He is currently facing multiple charges including assault on a police officer, crossing a police line and impeding the progress of vehicular traffic in a secured area.

The Chinese delegates had been invited to the White House to discuss trade. They were leaving the meeting when the ordeal occurred. It remains unclear whether the protester knew who was traveling in the motorcade when he made the decision to jump in front of the cars. Bloomberg reported that several of the protesters were demonstrating against the Chinese President Xi Jinping, but it’s still unclear whether the suspect was part of this movement.