Last month, the now infamous rapper, R. Kelly, was taken to jail and charged with ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse. The wealthy superstar wasn’t able to come up with the $100,000 cash bail payment, so he spent the entire weekend at the Cook County Jail. He was just released on February 25th after making his bail payment, but it appears he is headed straight back to jail after failing to pay overdue child support to his ex-wife.

After being released from jail the first time, R. Kelly and his publicist were both attempting to talk to media outlets to clear his name. On the morning of February 6th, CBS This Morning aired an interview, which showed Kelly adamantly denying his charges. The whole interview is very emotional, and Kelly argues, “I’m fighting for my [expletive] life!”

Just hours after the interview aired, a custody hearing between Kelly and his ex-wife was occurring in a Cook County courtroom. Kelly allegedly owes over $161,000 in overdue child support. During the hearing, he was reportedly prepared to make a $50,000 down payment on the child support, but the judge requested the full amount. Kelly was unable to come up with the $16K, so the judge held him in contempt of court.

At around 3:45 P.M., R. Kelly was again taken into police custody and booked into the county jail. His next court hearing is scheduled for March 13th. It’s likely he will remain in jail until he’s able to produce the late child support he owes.