Despite his lawyer’s claims that “all of the women are lying,” the infamous R. Kelly has just been apprehended by the Chicago Police. He is currently facing ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse that allegedly occurred from 1998 to 2010.

Police believe the suspect abused at least four victims who ranged in age from 13 to 17. According to the victim’s statements to authorities, R. Kelly used force or the threat of force when coercing them.

The suspect and his lawyer are adamantly denying all charges. Upon hearing the allegations, R. Kelly reportedly turned himself over into police custody without incident. He showed up to the police department on his own accord.

These recent charges were filed after Homeland Security Investigations led police to discover an apparent videotape that showed R. Kelly participating in illegal activities. He was reportedly having sexual relations with a girl who said she was 14-years-old in the footage.

R. Kelly has denied knowing what is on the alleged footage. His lawyer has also pointed out that one of his ten counts involve a victim from an earlier case. The attorney is arguing that charging him again would constitute double jeopardy. He explains how R. Kelly was previously arrested in 2002 in a child pornography case, but he was eventually acquitted in that case. It remains to be seen whether these arguments will hold up in court or not.

New charges have been surfacing since the “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary aired on Lifetime.