Global News reports that ‘Bachelor’ star Amanda Stanton was arrested on domestic violence charges. The arrest happened in Las Vegas on Monday morning for one charge of domestic battery. Her rep made a statement saying she was embarrassed and ashamed, and wished to apologize to the Las Vegas police and hotel security.

She allegedly had been drinking while at a bachelorette party, and she was asked to keep the volume down when she was with her boyfriend, Bobby Jacobs. Stanton then gave Jacobs what she thought was a playful shove, and hotel security reported it to police.

Her rep further explained that Bobby allegedly explained the situation to police, saying it was not what it appeared to be, but police were responding to a battery domestic violence call and did their job by making the arrest at 3:15 a.m.

According to police reports, an altercation between the couple took place when they arrived on scene. They found probable cause to arrest Stanton on battery domestic violence, and she was taken to Clark County Detention Center.

Stanton was released the next day and the couple returned home from Las Vegas.

*Photo credit Las Vegas Police