The AP reports that the remains of a 41-year-old woman have been found in Evansville, Indiana in a trash can. The trash can was located behind the home of a man who was charged with shooting and killing a 20-year-old earlier this week.

Earl Martin, 38, is now under suspicion as a result of the discovery that took place after authorities received a call from his mother, who told them she thought someone hid a body behind her house. The remains have been identified as those of Erica M. Bradfield.

Bradfield’s family told reporters that she knew Martin from long ago, but they do not know whether the two were dating. Martin admitted to police that he shot Bradfield in the head, took her body to his basement to dismember the body, then placed the body parts in trash bags behind his home.

The Courier & Press says Martin told a witness that he was faced with an intruder and he shot at her twice, hitting her in the head before dragging her to the basement. Another bullet hole found in the house corroborated the witness’s story.

Friends say that Bradfield and Martin dated on and off, and he had threatened her in the past.

Bradfield was last seen by her family on December 1.

Martin has been in police custody since last Tuesday, when he was arrested for murder, robbery, attempted murder and kidnapping while hijacking a vehicle, says the Evansville Courier & Press. He reportedly met two men to buy marijuana from them when he shot them both, threw the survivor out of the car, and drove away with the other victim still in the car. Police found the dead body in the car the following day.

*Photo credit Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office