MSN reports that police have identified the remains of an 8th victim of suspected serial killer Bruce McArthur in Toronto. The remains of eight men in total have been identified as alleged victims of McArthur. The most recent discovery happened when a ravine near a neighborhood linked to the suspect was searched; police found the remains of Majeed Kayhan there.

McArthur faces eight counts of murder, and police have searched nearly 100 properties in Toronto during the investigation.

Kayan was 58 and was killed in 2012. He is the only victim that hadn’t been found until now. Police do not believe McArthur is responsible for any more murders than the eight he is currently charged with.

McArthur was arrested in January. He buried the body parts of his victims in potted plants on properties where he worked as a landscaper. The dismembered body of a Sri Lankan man was found in April in a potted plant.

The suspect also had a relationship with each victim, and some of those were sexual, according to police.

Remains of seven men were discovered in planters at a Mallory Crescent property this year. Additional remains were found when police returned on July 4 to search the ravine.

*Photo credit REUTERS/Carlo Allegri