Over 12 individuals were arrested this past weekend in San Antonio, Texas when the group was allegedly found sacrificing several animals in a strange ritual. Around 7 p.m. on Friday, the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office received a call from an anonymous neighbor of the group. The tipster alerted authorities that the large grouping was meeting, and he had witnessed seeing an animal being stabbed with a knife through the garage.

When Bexar County police arrived on scene to investigate, they found the large group inside a garage. Authorities noted that one person in the garage was holding up a chicken while draining its blood into a container. Authorities found several similar containers in the area. Another individual in the garage was cutting up various animal parts. Eleven of the arrested suspects were found huddled in a circle in what officers can only describe as an “unknown ritual”. The suspects were speaking an unknown language that was neither Spanish nor English.

Multiple dead and mutilated animals were found throughout the property including chickens and goats. Some animals were found alive and were removed from the property by Bexar County Animal Control Services.

Some concerned neighbors are frightened by the ordeal, but one woman involved in the incident has told Fox 29 San Antonio News that it’s all just one big “misunderstanding”. Other neighbors have stated that they respect their neighbor’s religious beliefs even if it includes sacrificing animals. Nearby neighbors claim that several large rituals have been held at the home in question, and people are often dancing around a fire in the back area of the property. As many as 14 individuals will be charged with cruelty to non-livestock animals which is a Class A misdemeanor in Texas.