Recently, a San Diego police officer has come forward with startling information about his agency’s new narcotics program. The whistleblower describes how his fellow law enforcement officers are now participating in a rewards-based arrest program that he feels is completely unethical.

The officer spoke to Scripps station KGTV, but he requested complete anonymity. The officer revealing this information fears that he may lose his job if his agency finds out he spoke with media outlets about this situation.

As proof of this system, he provided KGTV with a copy of an internal email that circulated around the law enforcement agency. The email contains information related to a voluntary program that rewards officers with points based on the types of arrests successfully completed by officers. While a simple citation will only earn an officer a half of a point, a serious narcotics arrest will earn officers two points. This system might seem like a simple, voluntary game, but it comes with real-life benefits. The top two officers who earn the most points will be given unique opportunities to work in specialized units for up to a month.

The email attachment included details about how this program will be used to motivate officers, provide opportunities and incentivize officers to target high crime activities. The anonymous officer told KGTV that he and other officers raised concerns to the department, but they were told that it’s not technically illegal. The officer believes that this rewards program will target lower income neighborhoods. Lt. Brent Williams of the San Diego Police Department explained to KGTV that the email was sent out by mistake and was never implemented, but the anonymous source contradicts his statements.