Two young children, ages 11 and 12, have been taken to juvenile detention facility after police uncovered a disturbing and bizarre plot between the youngsters to murder several of their classmates at school. The girls both attended the same middle school in Florida, and their plans were discovered after school staff found both children armed with sharp knives at the school on October 23.

According to the Bartow Police Department, the two girls had been watching “scary” movies at one of the girl’s homes over the weekend when they came up with the unnerving plan. The children decided to arm themselves with knives, show up at school and then sneak away to a bathroom stall. Both students were planning on staying in the bathroom to wait for other children to enter. When another student made their way into the stall, the girls were planning on cutting their throats and bodies. Next, they desired to eat their victim’s flesh and blood. After carrying out the atrocity, the girls planned on fatally stabbing themselves.

The girls explained to police that they wanted to kill at least one victim, but they had high hopes of killing upwards of 25 students before getting caught. In the police affidavit, police confirmed that one of the children explained they hoped committing the act “would make them worse sinners, ensuring that after they committed suicide…(they) would go to hell so they could be with satan.”

The girls were discovered when they didn’t show up for a class on October 23. Teachers decided to search the school, and they quickly found both children in the bathroom. Together, the girls possessed a pizza cutter, four knives and a knife sharpener.

While the girl’s identities have not been released, they have both been charged with possession of a weapon at school and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. Prosecutors will have to decide whether the youngsters will be charged as juveniles or adults.