David Wachta, a 58-year-old janitor in Stafford, has just been arrested for threatening a school shooting. According to authorities, Wachta specifically threatened Stafford Middle School, and police were informed about the complaint on Friday. Authorities were informed that the suspect explicitly stated his desire to “shoot the school up.”

In response to the shooting threat, authorities imposed a soft lockdown at the school on Monday. Students and staff were allowed to roam the school as normal, but they were not allowed to leave the premises until the suspect was detained. Wachta’s access to the school building was removed Monday morning before the soft lockdown. Wachta willingly surrendered to police on Monday around midday, but State police were standing by at the school just in case. The police department assisted with the Pre-K dismissal to ensure all children were safe.

Police are saying this case is a great example of “see something, say something” in action. The department is encouraging students, staff and all community members to speak up when they notice suspicious behavior or hear about such threats. Thankfully, the school day went without incident, and the suspect was arrested. State police will continue to investigate the incident.

Wachta is currently being charged with both first-degree threatening and breach of peace. After being arrested on Monday, he appeared in Rockville Superior Court on Tuesday. His case will continue on May 9. Wachta posted a $110,000 bond, and he is currently free until his court date.