The Cannon County Sheriff’s Office has been investigating claims against the Sunshine Lane facility since receiving a 911 call from a patient in February. The investigation has finally concluded with the arrest of three individuals running the facility and the permanent closing of the supposed ‘rehabilitation’ clinic.

On February 7th, authorities responded a to a 911 call from the rehabilitation clinic. Upon arriving, police noted that Sunshine Lane facility was primarily composed of one double-wide trailer and multiple cabins. They found the 911 caller, a male victim, in one cabin. The victim did not have food or water, and he told police he was being held in the cabin against his will. The victim told police that his ‘caretaker’ had assaulted him and was preventing him from leaving the facility.

Deputies pushed further and discovered another female victim. The mentally handicapped patient was reportedly imprisoned in a padlocked area for up to 14 hours each day. She was not provided any living provisions, and she claimed her caretakers also assaulted her.

Three men have been implicated in these crimes. Both Hans Lytle and Dennis Flamond were arrested for false imprisonment. These two were the caretakers who were allegedly assaulting and controlling the victims. The two eventually plead guilty to the charges.

Marc Vallieres was also charged with two counts of facilitation to kidnapping. Vallieres is the manager of the facility which claims to offer alternative psychiatric treatment. He is also a self-proclaimed Scientologist. It’s believed that he used his Scientology training to open the treatment facility. Authorities noted that none of the three implicated men were licensed healthcare professionals. A judge ruled that all facilities tied with The Life Center should be closed permanently, and Vallieres will not be permitted to operate any sort of facility or retain his residency in Cannon County.