One Ohio resident has been arrested by police after they found him acting suspiciously near an abandoned property.

The suspect, a 22-year-old resident of East Liverpool, was reportedly wandering about an abandoned property near downtown when police made contact with him. A concerned citizen had called the cops after seeing a “strange individual” hanging out in the area. Once authorities arrived on scene, it appeared that Dillon Lockhart was looking around while wielding a large hunting knife in his hand.

Police questioned Lockhart, but they were baffled by his answers. He told the police that he was a zombie hunter before giving them consent to search his vehicle. The car itself appeared to be an old, refurbished police cruiser. Paint on the vehicle was both faded and scratched. The roof of the car was equipped with a metal basket. Police discovered a hoard of apocalyptic-style and bizarre weapons throughout his car. One modified baseball bat was equipped two saw blades one either side. Authorities also discovered numerous loaded magazines of ammunition, crossbows, knives, arrows, baseball bats and other odd accessories. The suspect claimed that his weapon stash was a critical element of his zombie hunting operation.

Police were concerned about the weapons in the car. The safety servicers director of East Liverpool, Brian Allen, explained, “These may have been toys to him, but they are toys that are capable of doing a lot of damage to a human being.” Ultimately, the 22-year-old was charged with improperly handing a firearm in a vehicle and criminal trespassing. Information obtained from court dockets revealed that the suspect has pleaded not guilty to all charges.