The Washington Post reports a woman has been arrested after trying to fill her gas tank with kerosene in Illinois. Tasha Lynn Schleicher, 41, is a mother from New Hope, Minnesota. She was arrested in Riverside, Illinois after police responded to a call about a woman passed out behind the wheel of her car at a gas station.

Schleicher was alert when police arrived, but had tried to fill her tank with kerosene. Police also spotted an open bottle of Crown Royal in her passenger seat, and she appeared to be intoxicated.

She was not wearing shoes and her clothes were “falling off” when asked to exit her vehicle. Officers were told she couldn’t find her 11 children. After refusing a sobriety test, they arrested her.

Schleicher has been charged with two counts of felony aggravated drunk driving, two misdemeanor counts of drunk driving, driving without insurance and driving with a license revoked for drunk driving, as well as transporting open alcohol while driving.

She has six prior drunk driving arrests in six different states, beginning in 2007. There are also currently warrants for her arrest in Nebraska, Idaho and Oregon.

Police searched for the 11 children she said she was searching for, even though the gas station attendant stated she was the only person in the car.

According to the Rochester Post-Bulletin, most of her 11 children have been taken away at some point due to her drunk driving offenses. All the children were returned to her in August of 2017, but she was again arrested for drunk driving with five of her children in the car with her, one of which was a baby she was breastfeeding.

Schleicher was unable to tell police why she was in Illinois. Minnesota Child Protective Services confirmed with Illinois police that her children were in custody since her October arrest.

*Photo credit WP Company LLC, dba The Washington Post