19-year-old Dedrick Lee has always led a life different than most. Lee’s father, Derrick Todd Lee, became infamous for pulling off several murders back in the late 90s, which is around the same time that Dedrick was conceived. Derrick Lee, his father, has been labeled a serial killer, and his crimes were so egregious that he was eligible for the death penalty. Lee later died in prison before his execution.

Dedrick Lee has tried to live out his life without the evil cloud of his father’s misdeeds haunting him, but now Dedrick has been implicated in his own homicide case. According to jail records, Dedrick was taken into police custody on November 21st and charged with negligent homicide after an incident involving a classmate. The shooting remains under investigation.

Both Dedrick and his classmate, Valentae Brooks, were hanging out together in a bedroom. The duo decided to film themselves creating a unique rap video together when Brooks reportedly had the idea to use a firearm as prop in the video. Investigators say Brooks went and retrieved the firearm from somewhere in the home before giving it to Dedrick. Dedrick later told police that Brooks told him the firearm was not loaded, but the suspect never checked to confirm whether it was loaded or not.

The two began taking photographs and videos with the gun. The firearm suddenly and unexpectedly went off and struck Brooks. The gunshot wounds were fatal for the victim. Initially, Dedrick told police that the accident was a suicide, but he later recanted his statements and told officers the truth about what had happened. Dedrick was arrested for negligent homicide, but he was bailed out of jail within an hour of being booked. The community appears to be standing with Dedrick and hoping that this incident really was a tragic accident.