The public is shocked at the outright audacity of one man who was captured on cell phone video attacking a 78-year-old woman on the subway. The suspect was seen kicking the woman in the chest, face and head. When the subway stopped at 238th street, the suspect hopped out and fled the area. The woman was left holding her head and crying in pain. The horrific attack was all caught on video and posted to social media.

According to initial police reports, the attack happened at around 3 P.M. Both the suspect and the victim were riding a subway in the Bronx. It remains unclear what provoked the violent attack or whether the suspect and victim had any prior relationship.

The police have noted that the witness’s cell phone footage was crucial in identifying the culprit behind the subway attack. The video, which surfaced on social media, clearly showed multiple onlookers filming the event. It’s tragic that numerous individuals were standing around and filming the attack, yet no one stepped in to help the 78-year-old.

The victim was left sitting in a corner and crying, but no one appeared to intervene. She was later taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. She suffered serious bleeding, swelling and cuts to the face. A spokeswoman with the MTA released a statement regarding the whole ordeal and explained, “We strongly condemn this despicable attack.”

The New York Police Department tracked down the suspect. 36-year-old Marc Gomez is now facing charges of both assault and harassment.