The day after Valentine’s Day, a disgruntled former employee returned to his previous workplace and begun unloading his firearm. At least five of his past co-workers were killed during the ordeal, and five responding police officers were also struck by bullets as they attempted to deescalate the situation.

The suspect charged with committing this crime, 45-year-old Gary Martin, was killed after refusing to comply with officer’s demands to stop shooting. The victim’s sister, Tameka Martin, later confirmed to media outlets that Gary had been an employee at the Henry Pratt Company’s warehouse for two decades before he was unexpectedly let go two weeks ago. She also described Gary as being “very depressed” during a family gathering a few days prior.

When law enforcement became aware of the active shooter situation, several departments came together to swarm the Aurora, Illinois warehouse. An alert was sent out, and nearby schools were put on lockdown for about an hour until the situation was resolved.

An initial shootout occurred, and five officers were wounded. Police confirmed that none of the officer’s wounds were life-threatening. Seven wounded individuals were taken to four nearby hospitals. Police scrambled to search the giant building. It took authorities about an hour and a half before they finally located Gary and neutralized the threat. He was reportedly armed with a handgun equipped with a green laser pointer.

The Mayor of Aurora, Richard C. Irvin, made a statement about the event. He explained, “It’s a shame that mass shootings such as this have become commonplace.”