Residents of Port Richey are in shock after learning that their Mayor, Dale Glen Massad, has been taken into police custody. Not only that but the Mayor also allegedly fired off his weapon at SWAT agents as they came to arrest him at his family home.

Officials began investigating Massad when it was revealed that he was illegally practicing medicine. The Florida Department of Health confirmed that Massad was licensed to practice medicine from 1977 until 1992. Massad reportedly voluntarily gave up his license after one of his patients, a three-year-old child, passed away as a result of his care. Massad was treating the youngster for facial birthmarks when he gave the child an undetermined amount of Valium. Massad was negligent in determining and measuring out a proper dose, and his mistake was fatal for the girl. While he supposedly gave up his license in 1992, police received a tip that he was still practicing.

Investigators determined that the mayor had in fact treated at least one patient with an injection despite not being licensed. On February 21st, SWAT teams arrived at the mayor’s home at around 4:40 A.M. They identified themselves before beginning to breach the door. Meanwhile, the mayor was startled awake upstairs and apparently grabbed one of his own weapons. SWAT teams deployed a flashbang device, which prompted the mayor to discharge at least two shots from the upstairs area.

Upon getting upstairs, officers found Massad with a weapon in one hand and a cellphone in the other. He was arrested without further incident. He has been booked in the Pasco County Jail, and the vice mayor, Terrence Rowe, will serve as interim mayor until the situation is resolved.