Vincent Depass, a 42-year-old prankster, led the California Highway Patrol on a low-speed and entertaining police chase that resulted in the suspect’s arrest.

At around 8:50 A.M., one traffic cop monitoring the intersection of Highland Drive and James Way was flagged down by a concerned resident. The resident explained that he witnessed an SUV driving recklessly around his neighborhood. He reported that the suspect was stopping in front of random houses suspiciously.

Around 9 A.M. on July 26, officers spotted the suspect driving recklessly, so they turned on their siren and lights to initiate a routine traffic stop. Depass refused to comply and pull over. He simply continued driving down the road obviously undisturbed by the tailing police cruiser. Depass continued down Highway 101 towards San Luis Obispo.

During the slow speed pursuit, Depass continued to obey traffic laws such as stopping at stop signs, using turn signals and even initiating his hazard lights at one point. Officers confirmed that the average speed of the chase was 20 to 40 mph. At multiple points during the chase, Depass hung out of his window or got out of his vehicle to yell at the police officers. One incredible photograph shows the suspect, wearing a black hat and polka-dotted bandana around his neck, standing on his car’s window frame and shrugging at the pursing policemen.

Eventually, police decided to end the pursuit before it became dangerous. The suspect was arrested at 10 A.M. about an hour after the chase began. He is charged with evading police, resisting arrest, driving under the influence and battery on a peace officer.