NBC News reports that an Army soldier charged with his wife’s murder is believed to possibly have fled to Thailand. Peter Van Bawi Lian, 21, allegedly left his post in Colorado Springs to travel to Indianapolis to murder his wife, Khuang Par, on December 22. Prosecutors now believe he may have fled to Thailand. He was estranged from Par when the murder occurred.

Par’s body was discovered in a suitcase in a dumpster in Marion County on December 23, and autopsy results determined she suffered from trauma to her neck.

Authorities believe that Lian is still in Bangkok.

In early December, the courts granted Par a protective order against Lian after a domestic violence incident between them in Colorado Springs. Par had family in the Indianapolis area and the pair had been fighting over her moving to be closer to them.

Par claimed he had choked her, which he admitted to, and then he allegedly threatened to kill her. Lian was arrested in Colorado Springs on November 30 and charged with assault and menacing.

After his release, Lian moved out of the couple’s home and into the barracks at Fort Carson. He was last seen on the base on the 21st and was supposed to return by December 26. He is also wanted for desertion.

*Photo credit Indianapolis Police Department via AP