news reports that Jared Standley, 21, of Washington state, has been arrested and charged in connection with the murder of his parents. Standley’s brother reportedly called 911, concerned for his parents’ safety, before authorities found the couple dead in their home.

Standley was kicked out of his parents’ home before returning to allegedly shoot his father and beat his mother to death, says The News Tribune. He has been charged with aggravated first-degree murder for the deaths of both Steven Standley, 55, and Theresa Standley, 56.

The father had called Jared’s brother telling him he suspected Jared had a gun and was going to confront him about it. He then told the brother to call 911 if he didn’t hear back from him in 20 minutes.

Officers arrived at the home to find a bullet hole in a window near the front door. Jared was no longer there, but he was found when his rental car was discovered at a hotel. Police then became engaged in a shootout with Jared, leading to a non-life threatening injury to his shoulder.

Jared allegedly told authorities he killed his parents because he hated them so much. He told them he beat his mother multiple times with a baseball bat in the head and then wrapped her body in a tarp. After his father came home, he attempted to get him into the house so he could stab or shoot him quietly. However, as the father tried to close the front door and prevent Jared from entering the home, he shot his father in the head through the door.

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