CBS News reports that the stepmother of a boy who was reported missing last Saturday has been arrested for child endangerment.

Authorities report that a call was received at 6:15 p.m. Saturday evening, reporting a 5-year-old boy missing in southeast Wichita. His stepmother told police when they arrived that the last time she saw him was 3 p.m. before she took a shower and fell asleep.

The stepmother has been identified as Emily Glass, 26, and was arrested and booked on Wednesday.

Police have used dogs to search the home and neighborhood where the boy was last reported seen. No evidence suggests he was abducted, so no Amber Alert was issued.

Officers now consider the case a criminal investigation, but won’t detail the reason for the child endangerment charges against Glass. They did reveal that the missing boy is only one of the endangered children, along with a one-year-old child.

Two other relatives of the boy told authorities they were concerned for his welfare, and his great aunt contacted the Kansas Department of Children and Families about it last spring.

The boy’s great-grandmother told the media that the boy had reported to her that Glass had kicked and dragged him at one point. She also reported her concerns to the state’s child protection agency, but no comment was given by them. When asked why the boy didn’t like his stepmother, he told her that “she’s mean to me.”

Police stated that there is a potential for more charges to be filed in this case, but do not know if it will become a homicide investigation. They are hoping the missing boy is found alive and safe.

*Photo credit Everipedia