The recent tragedy in New Zealand sent shockwaves across the globe in more ways than one. The alleged shooter is already in police custody, but it’s likely that a number of societal changes will occur due to this latest act of violence. At least two other citizens of New Zealand have been arrested for their actions following the shooting. One is being lovingly called “Egg Boy,” while the other is in deep water for sharing a video of the attack.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister has already promised, “our gun laws will change.” Citizens have already been showing up at police stations and handing over their weapons. Additionally, New Zealand authorities have made it clear that anyone caught sharing content about the incident will be prosecuted. Restricted content includes video of the attack and the suspect’s manifesto. The offense could land internet users in jail for ten years. They extended this threat not only to their own citizens but to citizens around the globe. At least one citizen, who hasn’t been named, is already in jail for sharing the video. He’s been denied bail.

Internet service providers in New Zealand, under the threat of fines, have been blocking all links to video content and the manifesto. Facebook removed at least 1.5 million videos within 24 hours of the attack around the world.

Global citizens were appalled when one New Zealand lawmaker commented that Muslims “may have been the victims today; usually, they are the perpetrators.” The insensitive comments were met with hostility. A day later, William Connolly, who has been dubbed “Egg Boy” by the internet, positioned himself behind the Senator and smashed an egg over the politician's head. Egg Boy was taken into police custody, but he appears to have gained the support and sympathy of internet users.