There has been a massive public outpouring of support for an Indiana school superintendent after her arrest made national headline news.

The suspect, Casey Smitherman, is facing a host of charges after seeking medical treatment for a sickly student in her care. While her intentions were honorable, they were still against the law.

On January 9th, Smitherman noticed that one of her students had not come to school, so she called the student’s house phone. The boy told her that he was sick with a sore throat, so she decided to go to the home and check on him.

Upon arriving to the home, she could tell the boy was ill will strep throat. She made the decision to take the student to an urgent care clinic so he could get medical care. The boy was denied treatment because Smitherman was not the boy’s legal guardian.

Instead of returning the boy home, Smitherman instead took him to St. Vincent Med. She reportedly had the child medically examined using her own son’s name. She also used her medical insurance to pay for the treatment.

The child was found to have strep throat, and he was prescribed Amoxicillin. She purchased his medicine and returned him to his house. Smitherman later told police that the boy does not reside with his parents but lives with a relative. She had helped the child in the past with cleaning his house and buying clothes.

The gossip eventually spread, so Smitherman decided to turn herself into authorities on January 23rd. She is facing three felonies including official misconduct, insurance fraud and identity deception. Smitherman is additionally charged with insurance fraud, which is a misdemeanor.