Holmdel High School officials became concerned when they continued to find feces around their track and football field on a daily basis. While most would initially suspect an animal was doing the dirty deed, school officials noted that the feces were most likely from a human. The school was concerned that maybe a student or someone with a personal grudge against the school was contaminating the area on purpose. The school officials were perplexed by the disturbing occurrence, so they decided to track down the culprit by setting up a surveillance team.

School employees set up a team of officials to closely monitor the school’s track and field. On April 30th, the surveillance team was monitoring the field in the early morning when they saw Thomas Tramaglini approaching. Tramaglini is the superintendent of Brearly district, so the surveillance team was shocked to catch him defecating in the field before going for a run on the track. The 42-year-old man was arrested around 5:50 am.

Tramaglini is facing charges for lewdness, littering and defecating in public. He has also taken paid leave of absence from his position as superintendent. The outrageous act is still baffling, and the motive behind this crime is unclear. Human feces can contain dangerous germs that contaminate groundwater, so it’s clearly unsafe to defecate in public instead of a toilet. Additionally, human feces take almost a year to biodegrade naturally. It remains unknown whether the superintendent was intentionally contaminating the school or whether he was completely unaware of health and hygiene standards.