Celebrities throughout Hollywood Hills have been plagued by a suspect who has been burglarizing their wealthy homes throughout 2017 and 2018. After years of investigating, police finally apprehended the suspect who they believe burglarized at least 13 high-profile homes.

The suspect, who has been identified as 32-year-old Benjamin Eitan Ackerman, was reportedly highly sophisticated in his methods. Investigators believe Ackerman would initially pose as a potential real estate agent or buyer to gain access to the homes. At times, police believe he fraudulently posed as an employee with an investment firm. He would appear at the homes well-dressed and convincing.

It remains unclear how Ackerman carried out these burglaries for so long without getting caught. Several of the homes had surveillance cameras, but the perpetrator somehow disabled or tampered with the systems. Detectives furthered that sometimes the systems had been haphazardly torn out, but others simply went black for hours during the alleged burglaries.

Police have identified at least 13 high-profile victims including Jason Derulo, Usher and Adam Lambert. Authorities believe there may be other victims, so they have posted several photographs of recovered items online. Burglarized victims in the area can visit to search for their stolen items. Over 2,000 stolen items were recovered from Ackerman’s home, and the total value of the stolen goods reaches several million dollars. Items included purses, clothing, artwork, fine wines and jewelry.

The Los Angeles Police Department arrested Ackerman, but they are still working to identify his potential accomplices and victims.