Just two days prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, Keith Caneiro was found deceased on his front lawn. The victim had been shot in the head. Inside the victim’s home, authorities discovered the bodies of Caneiro’s wife and two children. The entire residence had been set on fire in an attempt to hide evidence. Investigators determined that the victims did not die as a result of the fire but prior to it.

Christopher Gramiccioni, a Manmouth County Prosecutor, explained the situation as “one of the most heinous cases” he has ever seen. He also described Caneiro and his family as victims of homicidal violence who were specifically targeted.

In a bizarre coincidence, a separate fire broke out at the victim’s brother’s home. Paul Caneiro, his wife and his two children were home when the house fire broke out, but they all made it out of the home safely. The fire occurred just hours before the incident at Keith Caniero’s home.

On November 21, Paul was taken into police custody under the suspicion of aggravated arson. Investigators believe the suspect set his own home on fire. The fire was very similar to the one that started at his brother’s home, but it remains unclear whether Paul is a suspect in the deaths of Keith Caneiro, his wife and their two children. The second fire was about 80 miles away from the first.

Both brothers were business partners who worked together at an Asbury Park technology firm. The suspect’s family is fully supporting Paul, and his attorney said that family members may testify on his behalf regarding the charges.