Nolan Brewer, a 20-year-old resident of Cloverdale, has been arrested and formally charged with a conspiracy to violate civil rights after defacing a local synagogue.

According to police reports, Brewer’s actions were not meant to be a prank. The suspect, who painted iron crosses and Nazi flags on the synagogue’s walls, claimed that the building was “full of ethnic Jews,” so it deserved to be defaced. Brewer did not work alone. He had a 17-year-old female accomplice that helped paint the disturbing images across the building. After finishing their graffiti, the duo lit a small fire nearby. The female, whose identity hasn’t been released because she’s a minor, will be facing criminal mischief and arson charges.

Investigators will continue to look deeper into this incident, but the current evidence suggests that Brewer and the female were working alone. It doesn’t appear that they were involved with any larger group or organization. Brewer admitted he wanted to intimidate members of the congregation with the inflammatory graphics. He claimed, “Jews are too influential,” and he hoped his messages would make them “back down.”

Video evidence has emerged of Brewer and the female purchasing items to make a makeshift bomb and spray paint the day prior to the incident. Police located the suspect during a routine traffic stop, and they brought him into custody after discovering red and black spray paint inside his vehicle. Further searches revealed photographs of both the graffiti and the fire on the suspects phone. The phone also contained messages between Brewer and friends discussing how Mike Pence tweeted about them.