Police were horrified back in December when they went to conduct a well-check in a Melbourne campground. Local residents in the RV park had begun smelling a putrid odor coming from a seemingly abandoned RV, so police were called to check out the situation.

Police were shocked when they entered into the RV and found several dismembered body parts. The body was in very bad shape. Investigators described how it was in the advanced stages of decomposition. On December 30th, investigators sent the evidence to a nearby lab to hopefully make an identification. Test results revealed the identity of the victim: 55-year-old Anthony Mitchell.

An autopsy revealed that the victim had passed away several months earlier in August. It’s clear that he was killed by blunt force trauma. Investigators began connecting the dots and investigating the victim’s family and neighbors.

Family members said they hadn’t heard from Mitchell since earlier in 2018. Neighbors agreed that they hadn’t seen the victim in over three months. Despite not seeing the victim, several neighbors confirmed that his camper had been moved at least twice while in the RV park.

Neighbors also revealed that Mitchell previously had a roommate. His girlfriend, 47-year-old Penny Rebecca Pospisil, had been residing with him until September. Pospisil reportedly moved to a different RV park in Melbourne shortly before neighbors began noticing the horrific odor.

The RV park manager confirmed that he didn’t realize Mitchell was missing until he fell behind on rent payments.

After learning this information, the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office arrested Pospisil on January 25th. She is being charged with both second-degree murder and the mutilation of a dead body.