Arizona is in a state of shock and horror after a man killed his Lyft driver and her unborn child. Then, he stole her vehicle and attempted to flee the area.

Police were horrified when they responded to the scene at around 1 A.M. on January 27th. Residents a nearby apartment complex called the authorities when they heard ear-piercing screams. One resident rushed out of her apartment and found the victim in a panicked state on the sidewalk. The witness could see blood rushing from Kristina, so he asked her where she had been stabbed. She told him, “all over.”

Police discovered 39-year-old Kristina Howato suffering from multiple stab wounds. She was in critical conditions and promptly lost consciousness when the police showed up. She was rushed to a nearby hospital where medical staff quickly realized she was pregnant and in her third trimester. Tragically, both Kristina Howato and her unborn child were declared deceased shortly after arriving to the hospital.

Investigators quickly pieced together that Howato had been working as a Lyft driver when the attack occurred. She had received a request for a ride from 20-year-old Fabian Durazo, who investigators named as the primary suspect. When Howato arrived at the location, Durazo began attacking her with a kitchen knife. She tried to flee her vehicle, but Durazo continued stabbing her. Eventually, he grabbed her car and sped off.

Thankfully, investigators realized Howato’s car was equipped with a GPS system. They utilized the technology to track down the suspect, who had already traveled an astonishing 150 miles away.

Fabian Durazo was apprehended and charged with armed robber, two counts of first-degree murder and kidnapping. According to police reports, he has already confessed and admitted to committing the atrocity.