On November 5th, 13-year-old Hania Aguilar was abducted right outside of her Lumberton home. The kidnapper allegedly took off with the girl and one of her relative’s vehicles before her family could stop him. According to family members, they had started their vehicle and gone back inside in preparation to bring Aguilar to her school bus stop. An Amber Alert was issued for the youngster, but tragically her remains were discovered about a week later.

Witnesses saw the culprit who was described as dressed in all black and adorning a yellow bandanna across his face. Investigators worked diligently to identify the man behind the crime. Police confirmed that over 500 interviews were conducted on this case alone.

Now, 34-year-old Michael Ray McLellan has been charged in connection to Aguilar’s disappearance and murder. According to police, McLellan turned himself over to police custody about eight days after the victim first disappeared. McLellan was facing charges related to a completely separate incident that coincidentally also involved a kidnapping. This unrelated incident occurred in October. While he sat in police custody awaiting trial for these other kidnapping charges, police identified him as the culprit behind Aguilar’s death as well.

McLellan is facing ten additional felonies related to this horrific crime. The charges include statutory rape of a minor under 15-years-old and first-degree murder. He is currently detained at the Robeson County Detention Center and has been denied bail. His first court appearance regarding these new charges is scheduled for December 10th.