Detectives in Arizona have finally tracked down the infamous suspect who fatally ran over a nail salon owner over a $35 dispute. 21-year-old Krystal Whipple was apprehended thanks to the investigative work of an FBI task force.

Back on December 29th, Whipple was reportedly visiting a nail salon near the Las Vegas Strip. After getting her nails finished, Whipple attempted to pay her $35 bill with a fraudulent credit card. The transaction was ultimately denied, so the suspect told the nail salon owner that she would go get cash from her vehicle. The owner, Nhu Nguyen, watched as Whipple started her car and looked like she was about to flee.

Nguyen rushed out of the store and tried to stop Whipple. The suspect reportedly did not attempt to stop at all. She intentionally rammed into Nguyen and sped away. Her husband reported that the suspect dragged his wife’s body for a short distance before fleeing. Her husband quickly called 911. Emergency medical teams rushed her to a nearby hospital, but she passed away as a result of blunt force injuries. The entire ordeal was caught on surveillance camera. Police later confirmed that the rental car Whipple was driving was stolen. The black Chevrolet Camaro was found abandoned at a close by apartment complex.

Whipple was eventually caught in Arizona. She is being charged with robbery, murder and burglary. The suspect’s mother and grandmother had an interview with Good Morning America where they publicly apologized for the death of Nguyen. They also pleaded for the suspect to turn herself in, which she did not.