Paige Armani Franklin was arrested by DeSoto Police on July 6th after a disturbing public display of violence against an animal.

Witnesses around DeSoto’s local Subway restaurant noticed the suspect acting suspiciously. He was seen viciously stomping on a little puppy and shoving it into what appeared to be a trashcan. Patrons of the store were disturbed, and a crowd began to form. The Hampton Square Shopping Center’s security guard noticed the incident while monitoring a nearby security camera feed, so he immediately contacted the local police department.

Responding investigators arrived on scene within 60 seconds of the security guard’s call. They located Franklin at the dumpster and saw him kicking something in the trashcan. Investigators searched the trash bin and were horrified to find a small dog. The puppy was suffering from a severe head wound and appeared to be deceased. Police determined the 24-year-old suspect had killed the pet, but animal control brought the dog to a hospital for an autopsy to confirm the cause of death.

Franklin was immediately taken into custody and brought to the Tri-City Jail. He is being charged with animal cruelty. If convicted, the Franklin could possibly spend up to ten years in jail.

Sergeant David Williams with the Texas Police department reported that the animal is believed to have belonged to either the suspect or one of the suspect’s family members. In a release explaining the incident, police exclaimed, “cruelty of this type is not only criminal but despicable.”