On October 3rd, the nation was distressed when they learned several letters mailed to President Trump, General Mattis and Senator Ted Cruz may have contained a deadly poison. Initial reports suggested the letters may have contained ricin, but the substance was later determined to be castor seeds which ricin is derived from.

While the Senator Cruz incident has been deemed unrelated to this occurrence, all the letters arrived on the same day. The three letters that tested positive for castor seeds were directed to President Trump, Secretary of Defense General Mattis and Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson. All the letters were intercepted at mail processing centers, and the FBI quickly investigated the incident. Two of the letters which were addressed to Richardson and Mattis were discovered at the mail facility on the Pentagon’s campus, but they never reached the main building. The third letter, intended for the President, was intercepted by Secret Service agents. The mail was intercepted outside of the White House, but the exact location has not been specified. The FBI believes the three letters were all connected.

Authorities identified William Clyde Allen III, a 39-year-old from Logan, as the primary suspect in sending the mail. The suspect is a former U.S. Navy veteran who has previously spend 2 ½ years in prison serving time for an attempted aggravated assault charge. Authorities arrested the suspect without further incident, and the FBI is expected to levy new charges against Allen throughout the week. The suspect has allegedly confessed to sending at least four letters to the president containing castor beans. He is being held without bail at the Davis County Jail.