FOX News reports that a suspect was identified after shooting two Ohio officers when his wife called 911 and told operators that “my husband shot the police officers.”

Antony Morelli, 54, and Eric Joering, 39, were both shot and killed during a battle with Quentin Smith in a suburb of Columbus on Saturday. The two officers arrived at Smith’s home after receiving a 911 call about a domestic disturbance and the caller hung up the phone.

Subsequent 911 calls featured a distraught female identifying Smith as the man who shot the officers, says the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The caller was asking for help and telling operators that her daughter was still in the home during the call, while she was hiding in nearby bushes.

Smith was wounded during the shootout and is still in the hospital. He has been charged with two counts of aggravated murder.

According to police records, there have been several police calls to his home since 2017, including some domestic violence calls involving his wife, Candace Smith, 33.

On November 29, she went to a police station to inquire about getting a protection order because she and her husband weren’t getting along and he had a sexually transmitted disease. She also told police that he had a gun he always carried or kept close by, and he had threatened to kill her and their daughter if she ever left him. Police were called out to the Smith home once again that same evening for a domestic violence report.

Police were also called to the home as recently as three weeks ago, says FOX, but the Smiths told them nothing was wrong.

Quentin Smith has been indicted in the past for violent crimes such as felony assault, burglary and domestic violence. He pleaded guilty to the burglary and domestic violence charges and was sentenced to jail time pending trial, according to FOX.

*Photo credit FOX News