Residents of Connecticut are dismayed, shocked and disgusted after an overwhelming 46 people simultaneously overdosed and collapsed around the city park. Most of these overdoses occurred directly within the downtown New Haven Green park, so the entire area became a disturbing scene of paramedics rushing around trying to assist dozens of scared individuals suffering medical emergencies.

Investigators quickly ascertained the overdoses were stemming from the use of a specific batch of “K2.” K2 is a form of synthetic marijuana, and cops are convinced that this specific batch was tainted. The New Haven Police Chief, Anthony Campbell, confirmed this as he told news reporters, “Do not come down to the Green and purchase this K2.” Police expect the number of overdoses to continue rising over the next few days as several individuals have already purchased the ‘bad’ batch of drugs. Within 24 hours, 71 overdoses have already been reported. The DEA has confirmed the overdoses are coming from K2 combined with fentanyl.

At the scene, emergency medical personnel attempted to administer anti-opioid-overdose medication to several victims. The medication did not seem to be effective, but it did help some victims when they were administered a much higher dose at the hospital.

Police have arrested one suspect they believe sold the drugs to various New Haven residents. When he was arrested, he was in possession of the drugs and out of parole. They have not yet released the suspect’s name because they are waiting until some of the victims can positively identify the man for selling them the K2.