Dennis Lamar Lawrence, a 39-year-old resident of Hartford, was taken into police custody on November 16th. The suspect had been critically wounded by an officer who was forced to shoot him as he held a female victim hostage at knife point. After being treated at the St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center for his critical injuries, he was transported to jail.

Hartford Police responded when a concerned citizen called 911. The person told dispatchers that an unhinged individual was holding a woman hostage in a Garden Street Apartment. Police were informed that the suspect was armed with a knife. Once officers breached the apartment and confronted the suspect, they realized the situation was life-threatening for the woman. The knife was in the suspect’s hand as he threatened to slice her throat. One officer turned on his radio mike to record the entire confrontation. Both officers can be heard ordering Lawrence to drop his weapon. Ultimately, officers made the decision to shoot the suspect before he could harm the female victim.

Lawrence sustained a gun shot wound to the chest area. Initially, he was listed in critical condition, but he was stabilized after undergoing surgery. Investigators looked into the suspect’s criminal history and learned he was arrested in 1997 for illegally carrying a firearm. In addition, he has been arrested for possessing drugs, larceny, assault, burglary and even attempted murder in the past. As he recovered from his wounds, officers formerly charged him in his most recent violent outburst. His charges including reckless endangerment, assault, disorderly conduct, assault and unlawful restraint carried a bond of $150,000.