On July 16, a black Infinity sedan drove up to a crowd of people in Northeast, D.C. Suspects inside the vehicle, all covered in masks, began discharging firearms into the crowd wildly. An incredible 60 shots were fired into the crowd of about 15 to 20 people. One stray bullet struck and killed a ten-year-old female, Makiyah Wilson. Four other people in the group, including Makiyah’s older sister, were grazed and injured by the bullets.

Shortly after the shooting, Metropolitan Police located the black sedan. Witness reports indicated that at least four black men, wearing masks, exited the sedan and fled. Nearby surveillance video caught images of the sedan. Investigators began searching for leads that would lead them to the suspects, and they have issued a $45,000 reward for anyone who provides further information regarding the shooting. Citizens can contact the police department at 202-727-9009 with any tips or information.

On August 25, authorities tracked down and arrested Qujuan Thomas for his role in the day’s events. The 20-year-old is being charged with first-degree murder while armed. Police are still on the lookout for his accomplice, Quentin Michaels. Authorities say the 21-year-old Michaels should be considered armed and dangerous. Citizens who see him should not try to interact with him, rather they should immediately contact the police. Authorities continue to believe there are at least two other suspects in addition to Thomas and Michaels who were involved in the shooting and are now on the run. They are urging everyone who was involved to come forward.