The LA Times reports that a man has been arrested for killing two homeless men in Las Vegas.

Joshua Castellon, 26, of Las Vegas, was arrested by federal authorities for allegedly killing two homeless men and shooting two others in the city. He is being held on a weapons charge, and an arrest warrant has been issued for the murder charges.

Authorities arrested Castellon on Friday. Two men were killed on January 29 and February 2, sparking fears among the homeless community in the city that a raging gunman was targeting homeless people in the area. Surveillance video had also been released by authorities in an effort to help identify the suspect.

Police believe that one gun was used in all of the shootings, and it has not been recovered yet. The two other victims who were shot are currently being treated and injuries are not life-threatening.

The January shooting occurred at 3 a.m. when a homeless man was fatally shot while sleeping outside a business. A second homeless man was taken to the hospital four hours later after he was shot in the mouth.

On February 2, another homeless man was shot and killed under a bridge and the suspect was caught on a surveillance camera. Later, police learned a third man was shot at by a person in a vehicle while he was cleaning a car wash on January 29.

An officer found Castellon sleeping in a vehicle and interviewed him on February 8. He was placed in the area of one of the shootings because he was pulled over about 30 minutes prior by another police officer.

Castellon was originally arrested for purchasing the gun that was used in the shootings, even though it hasn’t been recovered. His criminal history only uncovers an incidence of domestic violence. Authorities are looking for unsolved cases in neighboring states that may be linked to the same missing gun.


*Photo credit Las Vegas Metropolitan Police/Los Angeles Times