A Pittsburgh resident has learned the hard way that claiming a lost bag may not always be the best decision, especially when that lost bag is full of illegal drugs. After trying to reclaim his bag, the suspect was ultimately arrested by police who had been tipped off about the bag’s contents by an Uber driver.

The entire ordeal began when the suspect, later identified as 21-year-old Malik Mollett, used Uber’s services to hitch a ride. He accidently left his black bag, which contained around two pounds of marijuana, in the backseat of the car. When Mollett realized his mistake, he immediately tried to contact his Uber driver to get the bag back.

Unfortunately for Mollett, the Uber driver had already peered into the lost bag. Nervous, the driver made the decision to contact the police after discovering the marijuana. The driver told police exactly what had occurred, and he supplied police with Mollett’s email requesting his bag back.

On January 9th, an officer used this information to reach out to Mollett about the bag. The officer pretended to be the Uber driver and agreed to meet up with Mollett. The suspect inadvertently confirmed to the officer his name and confirmed he had left the bag in the Uber. The detective messaged Mollett a picture of the bag, and Mollett agreed that it was his property. The two agreed to meet at a local McDonald’s.

When Mollett arrived, the detective went inside and gave him the bag. At that point, a second officer entered the restaurant and immediately took the suspect into custody for possession. Mollett is now being held at the Westmoreland County Jail.