One brave woman utilized Facebook’s livestreaming capabilities to record evidence of her own sexual assault and help ensure justice. Thankfully, the 34-year-old culprit turned himself over to authorities after realizing his crime was all over the internet and police were after him.

Dominique Williams, the suspect, was at the Opera Atlanta nightclub when he came across the victim. Reports indicate that the victim had already been livestreaming herself dancing on Facebook when the suspect approached.

Dozens of online users became increasingly concerned as they could see the woman shouting for help. It was clear she was intoxicated because of the slur in her voice, but she was obviously shouting for the male suspect to stop. Fearful for the woman’s safety, several individuals began desperately calling 911 for help.

Officers were discharged to the scene, but the couldn’t locate the victim or suspect by the time they arrived. Detectives were able to find the online footage, so they began an investigation despite not receiving a complaint from the actual victim. The livestream has since been removed from Facebook while the situation is investigated.

Police located the victim, who was no longer in Georgia, and interviewed her about what happened. The victim believes at least one of her drinks had been drugged by the suspect before he forcefully raped her from behind.

Using the video evidence and the victim’s statements, police were able to track down the perpetrator. Williams is being charged with one count of aggravated sodomy, and he’s being held without any bond.