On January 3rd, police in Houston were called by a concerned citizen and asked to conduct a welfare check on an apartment. When authorities arrived at around 6 P.M., they discovered a horrific scene. The bodies of three young children were laid around the room, all suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. A woman, later identified as Kimaria Nelson, was critically injured with a gunshot to her head, but police recognized she was still alive.

Emergency medical responders rushed Kimaria to the hospital. Thankfully, she has recovered enough from her injuries to be listed in stable condition now, but she has not yet been able to talk to investigators. The three children, ages five, two and two-months, all perished as a result of their injuries.

Police identified the victim’s husband, 27-year-old Hashim Mehmood, as the perpetrator in the triple homicide. At least one of the children was Mehmood’s biological child. He was arrested just hours after shooting his three children and wife. Police say the suspect was emotionally unstable and incoherent when he turned himself over. The suspect reportedly called 911 to turn himself in and immediately confessed to killing his family. While the motive remains unclear, investigators also determined that Mehmood posted on social media just prior to the attack. The suspect had allegedly been fired from his position at a Goodwill store, and he was extremely aggravated and hostile.

According to investigators, Mehmood has already confessed to his crimes. The suspect already has a lengthy criminal history including convictions of robbery, assault, evading arrest and theft. Mehmood has spent time in jail for both hitting a girlfriend and assaulting a family member.